Custom Lanyards

Custom Lanyards

Custom Lanyards

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  • Our custom Lanyards allow for fast identification and for the safeguarding of access and ID cards over extended events. Affordable, comfortable & equipped with cool designs, our custom lanyards can be personalized to your design requirements. Choose your color, design, text, quantity, width & graphic and manage your event with ease!

    Silk Woven, Silk Screen, Heat Transfer or Plain: There are four main process method's available for custom Lanyards. Each method comes with its own unique advantages, which are dependent on your budget, design and time. Silk woven lanyards feature a more professional and long lasting finish as the design is woven directly into the lanyard. Silk Screen printing is a stencil process where ink is forced onto the mesh through a screen. This gives a smooth finish and thus they are usually popular for simple designs. For more intricate and colorful designs, heat transfer lanyards are the best option. However, if you're looking for something plain and simple, then our blank solid color lanyards will be the perfect fit. 

  • Attachment Types: Choose from 4 different attachment types to secure your event badge identifications & access cards onto the lanyard. A release buckle which is the most popular plastic buckle attachment which clips and locks in one swift movement. The safety breakaway which clips and pulls away, the metal clip which uses a clipping action to lock your badge in place or the metal hook. 

    Quality: There are a wide range of lanyards on the market with varying degrees of quality; we have carefully tested lanyard materials and attachments from multiple factories in high volumes to ensure we only sell ones with an error rate of less than 1 per 1000 pieces.  We also guarantee the quality of all our products.


    Custom lanyards are commonly used for:

    • Outdoor festivals
    • Sports events
    • Multi-day conferences
    • Experiential events

    These custom lanyards are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use and can be worn for 5+ days. They are also fully customizable and can be decorated with detailed graphics, logos, and text. 

    All custom lanyards ship within 10-17 business days.

    Qty Silk Screen Lanyards Heat Transfer Lanyards Silk Woven Lanyards Plain Lanyards
    100-299 $2.25 $2.50 $1.85 $0.80
    300-499 $1.30 $1.75 $1.70 $0.70
    500-999 $1.00 $1.60 $1.30 $0.65
    1000-2999 $0.80 $1.25 $1.00 $0.60
    3000-4999 $0.75 $1.00 $0.80 $0.80
    5000-9999 $0.70 $0.90 $0.77 $0.77
    • Minimum order: 100 lanyards
    • Maximum colors silk woven: 2/colors per lanyard
    • Maximum colors silk screen: 2/colors per lanyard
    • Maximum colors heat transfer: unlimited
    • Production time: 10-17 business days
    • Graphics: Logo/graphical integration
    • Design: Free custom design (optional, or design your own)
    • Color Match: PMS color matching available on woven only
    • Setup fees: No setup fees
    • Lanyard Width: Choose from: 1.2cm, 1.5cm, 2.0cm, 2.5cm
    • Lanyard length: 90cm
    • Closure: release buckle/safety breakaway... your choice!
    • Durability: Stretch & water resistant, good for up to 7 days of use
    • Material: Polyester (Woven), satin-finish polyester (printed)
    • Packaging: 100 pieces/bag. 35 bags/box (15kg).
  • Q: What are the main differences between custom silk woven, silk screen & heat transfer lanyards? 

    : Silkscreen lanyards have a smoother, softer feel as they are made from satin finish polyester.  The custom printing method means the design sits on top of the lanyard. Whereas with silk woven lanyards, the design is 'stitched' into the lanyard. Folk festivals may prefer the aesthetics of woven over silk screen as it has more of a handmade feel to it. For a highly intricate and colorful design, heat transfer lanyards are the most effective. The heat method dyes the design into the fabric via a heat press. The texture is completely smooth due to the hot temperatures used during the manufacturing process and thus the design is completely accurate. If you're still worried about which one is the best to go for, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to send you 

    a sample of each, so don't hesitate to ask!



  • Q: How long does it take to ship out my order?

    A: Orders take 10-17 business days to produce, although rush service is available which can speed this up to as fast as 8 days.  To inquire about rush service, please contact us either by phone, email or live chat.  The shipping time is added on top of production time and can range from 4-7 business days for ground, 3-4 business days for Economy, and 1-2 business days for Priority Express.